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Kozeny & McCubbin Foreclosure Sales

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Last updated: 01/17/2019 11:01 AM CST


Sale Date Sale Time File Number *Property County State **Bid Status
01/18/201910:00 AMROBTRNO2305 Howard StAtchisonKS$15,500.00 
01/22/201910:00 AMVECGEOC22625 Armstrong Ave.WyandotteKS$34,832.86 
01/22/201910:00 AMDREJANOR3201 N Summerset DriveRenoKS$81,400.00 
01/22/201910:00 AMRUIDABBT4220 Dodson AveWyandotteKS$105,173.37 
01/22/201910:00 AMBROCONO3206 N 1st StreetMcphersonKSNot Available 
01/23/201910:00 AMCHRJANO4302 S Estelle StreetSedgwickKS$21,000.00 
01/23/201910:00 AMWRIRONO4509 South SilverMiamiKSNot Available 
01/23/201910:00 AMSTRJANO102501 Greenwood AvenueSedgwickKS$55,714.99 
01/23/201910:00 AMCHAHARLM4016 BrooksSedgwickKSNot Available 
01/23/201910:00 AMHUNJANO22114 32nd PlaceBartonKSNot Available 
01/23/201910:00 AMHUCJANOR320 N Zachary DriveSedgwickKS$65,138.75 
01/24/201910:00 AMMOFBANOR317 N ResidenceButlerKSNot AvailableCancelled
01/28/201910:00 AMFRECANO1616 S. E. AvenueRiceKS$9,200.00 
01/29/201910:00 AMFOSSHNOR2701 N. 75th TerrWyandotteKS$85,714.60 
01/29/201910:00 AMPRIPENOR2108 N. 38th StreetWyandotteKSNot Available 
01/29/201910:00 AMTHOLAOC12416 North 37th StreetWyandotteKSNot Available 
01/29/201910:00 AMTHOLACHL709 Avenue BFordKSNot Available 
01/30/201910:00 AMWILSTNO76035 W 38th Ct SSedgwickKSNot Available 
01/30/201910:00 AMSTOTHNO19005 W 115th StreetJohnsonKSNot Available 
01/30/201910:00 AMMAPKRNOR2331 E Random RoadSedgwickKSNot Available 
01/30/201910:00 AMLEHANNOR16402 W 157th StreetJohnsonKS$164,835.54 
01/30/201910:00 AMGEPERNOR9100 Antioch RoadJohnsonKSNot Available 
01/30/201910:00 AMGEHERSMS308 N Clifton AvenueSedgwickKSNot Available 
01/30/201910:00 AMROBKIPFC950 N Battin StreetSedgwickKSNot Available 
01/31/201910:00 AMFANJENOR1316 Loomis StreetCowleyKSNot Available 
01/31/201910:00 AMBRARUNO31119 Columbus AvenueHarveyKSNot Available 
01/31/201910:00 AMATHVINOR22411 71st StreetCowleyKSNot Available 


Sale Date Sale Time File Number *Property County State **Bid Status
01/17/201901:00 PMSALANNO3513 Covered Wagon CirDakotaNENot AvailableCancelled
01/18/201909:00 AMZELSHNOR6113 Franklin StDouglasNENot AvailableCancelled
01/18/201909:00 AMTAYBROCW3202 N 205th StDouglasNENot AvailableCancelled
01/18/201909:00 AMMENPANO12525 S 25th StDouglasNENot AvailableCancelled
01/18/201911:00 AMWATDANO9708 W Spruce StSaundersNENot AvailableCancelled
01/22/201910:00 AMJORKECHL45670 70th RdBuffaloNENot Available 
01/22/201910:00 AMLAMRANO11327 12th AveBuffaloNENot AvailableCancelled
01/24/201912:00 PMLANKERLM2044 Hwy 275 Lot 4CumingNENot AvailablePostponed
01/25/201909:00 AMNENPACHL16804 Ohio CirDouglasNENot AvailableCancelled
01/28/201902:00 PMBAUMANOR300 Jefferson StGageNENot Available 
01/28/201903:00 PMHANJANO7415 S Brown AvenueClayNENot Available 
01/28/201901:00 PMSTAKACHL5500 Melrose AveLancasterNENot AvailableCancelled
01/28/201903:00 PMGARSHNO2120 W George StClayNENot Available 
01/28/201901:00 PMHUMTENOR5904 Princess Margaret DrLancasterNENot AvailableCancelled
01/31/201912:00 PMBLODANO31226 Sunnydell LnMadisonNENot AvailableCancelled


Sale Date Sale Time File Number *Property County State **Bid Status


Kozeny & McCubbin L.C. and/or the trustee assumes no liability for the accuracy of the information provided.

This list reflects sales which are presently scheduled to occur at a future date. Nothing herein shall be construed as an offer to sell. Items contained herein are provided for informational purposes only. Information is provided only as a courtesy, and any and all warranties (whether express or implied) are disclaimed. Kozeny & McCubbin, L.C. and its respective members, officers, employees and agents assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained herein.

Realty conveyed by way of the foreclosure sale is "as is" without representation as to lien position, condition, occupancy or manner of title, subject to all easements, restrictions, encumbrances and issues appearing of record. Buyer beware.

All sales are governed by applicable law, terms of sale and announcements at the sale. All information, including bid amount, is subject to change up to and including the time of sale. The bid amounts listed herein are opening bids only, and may not reflect the final bid which may be entered.

The property address should not be relied upon. Only the legal description used in the advertisement of sale describes the property. Further, you should utilize the legal description provided in the advertisement to satisfy yourself as to the manner of title as set forth above.

All information provided herein is provided to you for informational purposes only and may not be relied on. You must instead make such diligent inquiry as is satisfactory to you regarding all matters, information, representations, and omissions pertaining to an "as is" conveyance.

Bid: If Bid Amount = $0.00 or is blank, the bid is not yet available. Please review this list closer to the sale date.

If the above Sales Sheet has a status of "Postponed", this does not mean the sale is being postponed for a future date. This means it was previously postponed from the original date. The date listed is the date the sale is currently scheduled to occur.

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Q. How does someone purchase a property?
A. Attend the sale at the county courthouse. Purchase is required to pay 10% of purchase amount in certified funds (certified check payable to Kozeny & McCubbin, L.C.) at the time of sale. Remainder of funds must be wire transferred by 4:00 p.m. day of sale.

Q. Can I view the property before the sale?
A. Neither the lender nor the trustee has access to the property therefore, access cannot be provided to prospective bidders.

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