Mediation servicesKozeny & McCubbin’s attorneys have extensive experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of disputes and in negotiating settlements. Our attorneys have represented litigants in almost every type of case including accident /injury cases, medical malpractice cases, nursing home negligence and abuse, business, contract and commercial disputes, real estate and construction disputes. Because of this experience, our seasoned litigation attorneys possess the practical experience and diversity of perspective which enables them to facilitate resolution of disputes that is consistent with the law as applied to the particular facts of each case. Whether you are looking for a neutral third-party mediator or advocacy in a mediation, our attorneys have the necessary skills and experience to meet your need.

We are ready and able to help you resolve your case quickly and economically.

The Mediation Process

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third-party assists in resolving a dispute between two or more other parties. It is a non-adversarial, approach to conflict resolution. The role of the mediator is to facilitate communication between the parties, assist them in focusing on the real issues of the dispute, and generate options that meet the interests or needs of all relevant parties in an effort to resolve the conflict.

A mediator does not decide the outcome of the dispute for the parties; a mediator assists the parties to develop a solution themselves. Although mediators sometimes provide ideas, suggestions, or even formal proposals for settlement, the mediator is primarily a “process person,” helping the parties define the agenda, identify and reframe the issues, communicate more effectively, find areas of common ground, negotiate fairly, and hopefully, reach an agreement. A successful mediation effort has an outcome that is accepted and owned by the parties themselves.

Mediation is widely used in all sorts of disputes, ranging from divorces to civil lawsuits to very complex public policy problems to international conflicts. Many disputes that have not responded to an initial attempt at negotiation can still be settled through mediation. Even when conflicts are seemingly intractable, they sometimes yield to mediation. Mediation is of particular importance in long-running, deep-rooted conflicts, as this type of conflict is rarely resolved without such outside assistance. Even if the full range of grievances cannot be resolved, mediation is often useful for dealing with particular limited aspects of the wider conflict.

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