Bankruptcy ServicesKozeny & McCubbin, L.C. offers a full service bankruptcy department to meet the needs of the creditor community. The Bankruptcy Code imposes an “automatic stay” when a person files a case under any chapter of the Code. This stay generally prevents a creditor from proceeding with a foreclosure case, an eviction action or a collection matter. The firm works with its clients to determine the best course of action to protect their interests.

These options may include the preparation and filing of a(n):
• Proof of Claim
• Motion for Relief from the Automatic Stay
• Motion to Ratify a Foreclosure Sale
• Objection to Plan or Disclosure Statement
• Reaffirmation Agreement

The firm also handles the prosecution and defense of adversary proceedings. An adversary proceeding is similar to a civil lawsuit and it is a separate action within a bankruptcy case. The firm handles these matters on behalf of its clients.  Filing of a complaint, service of process, and the rest of the litigation process is very similar to general federal practice.

Other Bankruptcy Resources:

A general overview of the various chapters and their applicability can be found here.

Overview of the process.

Services and forms.

Bankruptcy Layers

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